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The Chronicles of Online Dating

  • Does anyone have 99 cents they’re willing to send my way so I can ship this kid off to a 10-10-220 commercial? Thanks in advance.
  • Is there some kind of strategy men take where they delete a message immediately after they send it so they don’t realize they already sent the exact same message? This c&p work is clear as day.
  • Why is it, that OKC decides to surface the guy with whom I’ve already met in-person and tried to date and failed? A 78% match sums up our “relationship” perfectly, too. Just so-so, with a side of asshole.

Those are my questions for you, and they’re all rhetorical because who really knows the answers, slash I don’t care to know the answers.

  1. jesssbedazzle said: My roommate and I joined okcupid the same day and these guys sent us the same exact messages, so we did what any one would do - play with them and freak them out by writing the same exact stuff as the other person or finishing each other’s sentences
  2. stephsaysgo said: I got so sick of OKCupid. I had to delete it.
  3. thisfearlesslife said: OMG, my okcupid messages are the WORST.
  4. the-enc-diaries said: OMG the kid on the left… when i was online dating he would RELENTLESSLY try and contact me via all dating portals. SUCH A CREEP!
  5. omgskr said: OkStupid is legit the worst.
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