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Boston Marathon Training: 12 Weeks Out; 14 Miles (Outside!!!!)

WHAT a great run. Seriously! I could not have asked for a better day/better weather/better physical strength/a better route. Everything made sense. I woke up, saw this quote (above) and was so motivated. Running being such a mental sport, it takes a lot of effort on our parts to get ourselves through these runs. And I was ready to conquer. (Annie’s gummy bears definitely help, too!)


Mile 2: 7:54 min/mi
Mile 4: 8:08 min/mi
Mile 6: 7:34 min/mi
Mile 8: 7:59 min/mi
Mile 10: 8:15 min/mi
Mile 12: 8:12 min/mi
Mile 14: 8:29 min/mi

Honestly, I’m very surprised here, but extremely pleased. I felt strong, quick, and never felt super short of breath. It was an enjoyable run; it was a fast 14 miles; I felt like I could run for days. That’s the way I like it!

Injury Status: Towards the end, my knees started to really scream pain - right before mile 12 - and it affected my pace for the last couple of miles (as seen above). I’m going to have to figure that out, since this CANNOT happen come April. I have time to do so, though.

Donation Link: Pretty please? I’ll run another 14 for you.

Now, if you will, please continue enjoying your Saturday - because this weather is PERFECT!

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