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Boston Marathon Training: 14 Weeks Out; 12 Miles

This, my friends, was one of my best runs yet. It started off SNOWING, then turned to rain, then the sun came out. It was odd, but it was also really cool. Once again, I brought some gummies for a sugar spike after about an hour, and it really made a difference. I felt strong, energetic, and motivated. Plus, my playlist really brought it to a new level today.

I decided to run uptown today and through the endless loops of Central Park. It was great, and an awesome change of scenery - plus, it incorporated some hill work into my run which I desperately need.


Mile 2: 7:59 min/mi
Mile 4: 8:29 min/mi
Mile 6: 8:05 min/mi
Mile 8: 8:17 min/mi
Mile 10: 7:52 min/mi
Mile 12: 8:22 min/mi

These are pretty on point, huh? I could not have been more consistent if I tried. (Okay, I could have been - but this is the closest I’ve come yet.) I’m coming to terms with the fact that this is now my comfortable pace, and my body is fully capable of sustaining this as I continue to increase mileage. This makes me EXTREMELY happy! Come April, I could be looking at a marathon finishing time that I never imagined before - and that’s really exciting.

Knee Status: Not too bad. Towards the end I felt a bit of pain coming on, but nothing worth stopping for. I’ll be icing like a boss for the rest of the afternoon. My ankle, however, doesn’t bother me mid-run; it’s only when I bend it a certain way - and forget heels…they are completely out of the question at this point. My fashionable lifestyle (read: non-leggings and slouchy sweaters) will now be sacrificed due to ankle pain. Could be worse I suppose.

Donation Link: Let’s raise $5,000 together!

With that, I leave you to this wonderful long weekend. Hope it is filled with laughter, good food, good company, and good times. Jess Cole, out.

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