Just Jess.

a 20-something Boston girl recently transplanted in NYC; approaching life with sarcasm, humor and quite a bit of laughter. Running, fluent in movie quotes and trying to figure it all out. Oh, and I'm usually pretty heavily caffeinated.

This morning I forced myself out of bed and onto the road. Which is shocking that I was successful, after the wedding/boozefest that was this past weekend (pics to come).

As you can see, I was less than pleased, but returning home was a great feeling. This is an awesome start to the week, and I think it’s really going to set the tone.

You like my C’s shirt? Because you know I was running with a big grin (that some may consider the look of ‘crazy’, but to each his own) as I rocked my Boston team in the NYC streets. 

And this dumb app that I downloaded because I’m a huge nerd/app hoarder/just plain curious idiot, Human, confirmed that I did run for a half hour. It may be stupid (and hardly ever work properly) but ‘tis my proof for today.

And, with that, I leave you to this wonderful and rainy Monday. But I did just come across this article, which makes Monday sound like a whole lot more fun. 

Deuces, T.

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