Just Jess.

a 20-something Boston girl recently transplanted in NYC; approaching life with sarcasm, humor and quite a bit of laughter. Running, fluent in movie quotes and trying to figure it all out. Oh, and I'm usually pretty heavily caffeinated.

Weekends. How I love thee.

This past weekend was for exploring the new ‘hood, eating and drinking our way through Lower Manhattan, and enjoying time with great people. 

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be moving (again), but I’m happy to report that it will be my permanent residence for at least a year, or until I want to risk being homeless again. Feels good, man.

Foursquare is getting all up in my business, reminding me how much time I spend at various places that serve both food and drinks. I wish it would remember that I’m 26 - and I’m not getting any younger! So livin’ it up, over here.

I just…I’m just really happy. 

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