Just Jess.

a 20-something Boston girl recently transplanted in NYC; approaching life with sarcasm, humor and quite a bit of laughter. Running, fluent in movie quotes and trying to figure it all out. Oh, and I'm usually pretty heavily caffeinated.

Weekend Happenings.

Brunch. I met a few of the ladies downtown for a delicious brunch that brought me back to life through bottomless bloody mary’s and basically too much food. Great food, great company.

Nephew. My nephew was having a field day sending me pics from my sister’s phone, while I was also being entertained sending them back to him. He loves his reflection [who doesn’t?!].

Friends. Saturday night I met up with a friend from high school. I literally haven’t seen her since graduation, but I’m so beyond happy we got together - plenty more of that in the future I’m sure.

Booze. I got pressured into pickleback shots at some point, too, and I’m happy to report that I actually kind of enjoyed them. A lot. Uh oh.

So it’s Monday, and I’m short on coffee. And in serious need of exercise to offset the damage that was done in the past 72-96 hours.


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