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a 20-something Boston girl recently transplanted in NYC; approaching life with sarcasm, humor and quite a bit of laughter. Running, fluent in movie quotes and trying to figure it all out. Oh, and I'm usually pretty heavily caffeinated.

Life Update: Official New York Resident

Moving is a pain. We all know this. But it wasn’t as bad as I expected, and it means that I’m finally here…for good.

After a few trips up and down, I’m all settled in and ready for day one at the new job tomorrow. So, all that was left was some walking around, drinking and eating.

The weather held out and it was a beautiful weekend. I grabbed a few drinks locally before meeting my cousin down in Brooklyn, where we bar hopped around a few neighborhoods. We had some late-night tacos, and then I found my way home.

Then, today, I took the NYC subway (all by myself!) down to the Lower East Side and met my cousin for some brunch, coffee and shopping. We ended up at Barrio Chino, which has the BEST margaritas [hubiscus pictured above] a girl could ask for, and then I headed home to relax and go food shopping.

It’s only been roughly 24 hours, but hey - when it feels right, it usually is. Tomorrow morning I’m going to run and then dress to impress for work.

I like being here.

  1. according-to-kat said: Good luck in this new adventure! :)
  2. mazyyap said: I like your bed covers :).
  3. acitymaus said: welcome! I need that margarita in my life ASAP. and this city is right ;)
  4. backto100miles said: A good start to the next act of your life. Good luck!
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