Just Jess.

a 20-something Boston girl recently transplanted in NYC; approaching life with sarcasm, humor and quite a bit of laughter. Running, fluent in movie quotes and trying to figure it all out. Oh, and I'm usually pretty heavily caffeinated.

Dear body: I’m sorry I put you through my 5-day bender filled with varying types of poison. I promise that you’ll have the next  72 48 hours to detox.

This is my ‘well there was no fun in that run’ look, after struggling through the hilly neighborhood I’ve recently started calling home. But at least I didn’t need sleeves! Welcome to the gun show*.

Oh - and I downloaded RunKeeper, as some of you had suggested; I’ve come to terms with the fact that running apps will never properly work on my phone. But, dammit, does it HAVE TO remind me every five minutes that it’s not tracking my mileage? Dear lord, it was like hearing nails on a chalkboard while already being pissed off at how heavy my legs were.

So I had to resort to the desktop version of MapMyRun and manually input my route. What year is it again?! Thought so.

SO, FINE, YOU ALL WIN. I’m caving to the world of the Garmin. I don’t need anything too fancy, but this one totally caught my eye. [Payday IS tomorrow, after all.] Thoughts?

Putting this run behind me, and storing it somewhere deep inside my subconscious to never be dug up again.

*Okay, even I couldn’t type that or say it in my head without breaking into laughter.

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