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Charity Miles: Motivation, for a Cause

We all have our own personal reasons for why we run. Mine? As many of you know, it’s in memory of my mom.

She taught me what strength looked like, and made sure I didn’t settle for anything less than everything I wanted. She challenged me; she supported me; she inspired me.

I’m all for supporting a great cause - if there is any way little old me can make a difference, I’m in. No matter how small - because a million small differences end up making one very large one.

So, I stumbled upon this new app called Charity Miles. You can select which cause you want to donate your miles to. Literally, it’s that simple! For every mile ran, they donate money; for every time you log another mile…it makes a difference.


You’re already doing this anyway, so why not donate those miles you track each day/week/month of your life towards some great causes that will make a difference in some people’s lives who need some extra support.

(And, if you’re like me, you can support some causes in memory of a loved one.)

Tonight’s run: Stand Up to Cancer [three miles towards cancer research]. And my next run? The Wounded Warrior Project [tbd towards those men and women who have risked their lives for this country].

Join me, would you?

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